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August 2019

Do you watch Anime?

Anime is often a discussion point in gaming communities at some point. Some people enjoy anime others don’t. At UGF we don’t currently have an Anime channel on discord for instance or forum post on it. I’m not writing this to convince anyone to change...

Screenshot Competition Results!

Catching up with KamiroKrow he had no intention of accepting the prize initially. He instead hoped the money from the prize could be spent on other UGF community activities. We of course felt he fully deserved the prize having contributed 2 other great screenshots for...

Member Spotlight – SeanMcky

I caught up with one of our members; Sean McKaidan; recently who is a member of UGF and is an avid streamer. Sean Michael McKaidan aka SeanMcKy is 34 and from Montana Bay but now lives in Tuscon, Arizona. Sean is also Veteran of the...