Join Universal Gamers Federation

Steps for Joining UGF

  1. Read the Charter.
  2. Setup your TeamSpeak Client.
  3. Submit your UGF application and Star Citizen application if applicable.
  4. Join us on our Forums.

Reading the Charter

Here is a link to the Charter, you may want to open this in a new tab. The Charter is a document that states the intent of the Federation, and where you will find the rules. It may be in your best interest to read the rules in their entirety, so that you can ensure that UGF is right for you.

Setting up you TeamSpeak 3 Client

  1. Download the TeamSpeak 3 Client, to do this you will go to the following site.
  2. There is now an option in TeamSpeak that allows you to make an account, with this you will be able to access you account from any device you own.
  3. Once you have setup your account you will go to the Connections menu, then you will click connect.
  4. For the server address field you will enter the following address:
  5. For the Nickname you will enter your In-game name so that we know who you are.
  6. Now you may click the connect button, once you are in, you should save this server to your bookmarks. Go to the bookmarks menu and click the Add to Bookmarks button.

Application Forms

Note that we have 2 application forms. One is the main UGF Application everyone joining must fill in. The second is the Star Citizen application which should only be filled in if you plan to play Star Citizen. 

If you do not have a gmail account follow these steps after you click Sign in:

  1. Click Create account
  2. In create your account click Use my current email address instead
  3. click next and follow the instructions to verify your email address and you should be ready to sign in and fill in the form. Any issues drop us a note on either discord or chat to us on teamspeak:

UGF Application Form

Star Citizen Application (Optional)

Join us on our Forums

  1. Please go to our Forums and signup.
  2. We ask that for your username that you use your in-game name to make sure we know who you are.
  3. Once regesterd please go to the Introductions section and give us a little bit of knowledge about yourself. e.i. What you like to play?

Once you have done all of this just poke, someone in staff and we will get you onboard.