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Server: EU West

Game Region: Join our House by visiting our discord.

House: Companions

Liege: Belash
Co-Liege: Tonyyyy & Wojdylo

We have been playing Conqueror’s Blade since the game was in closed Beta. We have established ourselves as a loyal House and have been part of some major alliances. Our main goal is to grow a social community with the same passion as us in this incredible game. Our requirements are that you are over level 60 and are able to attend at least one Territory War each week. If you have no experience in Territory Wars don’t worry – we are here to have fun. We lose some battles but we also WIN some! It’s part of the game.

We are organised by the use of our very own made integrated Conqueror’s Blade discord bot where you can organise your units. Alot goes into our leadership and Companions has autonomy over Universal Gamers Federation however our root charter still holds.

Knights Ascend on our epic journeys!

Companion’s Leadership, Nobles and Knights.