The Council


PR and Content Management

Hello, my name is Darren but you guys can call me Dibbers or Mash, I respond to either. I'm a 26 year old, who works part time, feels like full time as a jeweller. My hobbies include fishing, gaming, music and going out. The main games I play are Rocket League, Rainbow six Siege, Ark: survival evolved, Farcry 5. If you ever need me, I am usually on every day, hit me up on steam, discord or TS.


Diplomacy and Marketing

A mouflon is a mountain goat found in Cyprus and other southern places in Europe. I don't entirely remember how the name came up but its stuck when i was serving in the army. I started gaming in the 80s and was a keen player of half-life, Quake and Doom. I now play a multitude of games. I am a massive fan of Chris Roberts and space-sims and with Star Citizen on the horizon I am hoping to have time to stream. If you are interested in learning more about Star Citizen or joining in on the action my referral code is below which give you and me 5000 credits in game. Code: STAR-YFFM-RZPD hope to see you in the 'verse!



Hello I'm Recax and I am a 25 year old Swedish guy, who loves gaming in all its forms. I have been playing since I was almost seven years old and got my first NES. I am going to be focusing on recruiting, to grow our community and looking forward to get to know all of you guys.



My name is Stox180, I am 32 years old and I am from The Netherlands but I have been living in the South of England for the last 9 years. I have been gaming since I got my first computer at age of 8. My first game was Prince of Persia ( yes the original one), I enjoy all kinds of games but I mostly play: Rust, PUBG, OSRS and TheForest.


Currently on sabbatical

Well, I have been with gaming communities since the turn of the millenia. I am the master of mischief when it comes to the programming side of UGF. I will be glad to help anyone in the community, just please be patient I might not be completely awake, ever. Looking forward towards the future, just not sure what day it is.