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International, Diverse and Transparent.

Multi-gaming Community

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As a multi-gaming community we play a multitude of games . The ones below are just a few that we are currently playing.

Conqueror's Blade

Then for those of us that do not know when enough is enough there is this game. Conqueror's blade is still in development but we are one of those lucky ones that are loved by developers and so we have a few test keys. We have an active house and currently plan to play on the EU and US servers.

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Star Citizen

Welcome to all our Citizens, we are proud to announce that we are in the Verse. We are an active although small org and will find a few of us who are..erh...a bit passionate about it...I wanted to put a picture of Chris Roberts with us all bowing down to him but I was not allowed. I LOVE YOU CHRIS! there I said it.

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Ashes of Creation

Information coming soon! 🙂 - Visit our discord for more information


Visit our discord to join our WoW Guild! more info coming soon!

New World

Join us on Aeternum and explore this New World with us! Enjoy the beauty of the Eternal Isle while mercilessly slaughtering the Legions of The Corrupted. Conquer cities and defend Forts from other players and whatever lurks out there.

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