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Conqueror’s Blade: Comprehensive Guide to Fief Quests

Conqueror’s Blade: Comprehensive Guide to Fief Quests

Fief Quests are an integral part of growing your Fief and comes with benefits to you also. It is important to remember that Fief quests are the same for a week starting monday 0000. You can do the same ones daily for that week. Keep this in mind when collecting so you have some resources to use for the following days. Quests can be accessed in two ways. 

Firstly, by visiting the Warden interacting with him and selecting ‘Fief Quests’ from the menu. 

Secondly you can access it through the map by pressing ‘M’ and selecting the fief you want to look at then select ‘Overview’. From there select ‘Fief Quests’.


The Fief Quests tell you what’s required to complete a quest. For example, to fulfill the requirements below you need 9000 Goat Hide. Stars represent how good a reward you will receive.


Selecting this quest will provide you with an overview of the criteria to complete the quest but also the rewards you will earn.

You can get the following rewards from completing a quest:

  • Honour: This goes towards opening unit technologies and new units.
  • Exp: This is how much house experience you will earn. This is crucial for levelling up your House.
  • House Prestige: Use for your house to declare war.
  • Other rewards: I believe this is given if you have a premium account as a bonus. (Edit: Other rewards is additional reward you earn if your house own the fief or is an allied fief).  
  • Fief Storehouse: This is a building material that accumulates to increase the fief level which is very beneficial for developing higher tier artillery and units within the fief.
  • Crates: These contain kits for your units which are crucial in saving on bronze. 

Also, at the top right corner it displays how many quests you have completed during the week with the maximum being 20 per week.  It resets every Monday at 0000 UTC.

Collecting Supplies to complete Fief Quests

Collecting supplies is very easy. All you need to do is leave the fief by visiting the Watchman. He can be found at the entrance to the fief or simply press ‘tab’ and select the location to auto-travel to him. Select ‘leave fief’ to go into the open world.

What to take with you?

When it comes to units, the suggested units to take with you are 4 sets of Serfs and a defensive unit (it is dangerous out there). You will also need to take food with you so make sure you have replenished your food. And the most important thing to take with you are the requisition tokens. I always keep these in my inventory.

Levelling up units

In terms of unit training what you want is to maximise harvesting. Serfs currently have the best labour attribute meaning you will collect more resources. For their unit training, the first points put in the bottom tree . You can put your other points into anything else you want.

This gives you a 60% increase in labour and an additional 8 units, which increases your Labour attribute. Taking 4 sets of serfs is considered the norm however you can always take a maximum of 5. To level up your serfs you need to do a few battles with them. I suggest taking them first into battle and then swapping them over for the unit you want as soon as you can because they will still earn XP.


You can replenish your food from your fief if it’s available. This is done on the ‘Leaving Fief’ page by selecting the plus sign. On this page, you will have the option to either use food from your camp or buy from the fief.

You can also replenish your food in the open world which costs bronze. There are 3 types of places to get food:

  1. Another Fief, either your house’s fiefs or AI fief.
  2. A wayside inn.
  3. A Freehold, Rustic or Manorial Farm.

If you are going far away and it’s difficult to find food – collect food from a farm. This is stored in your wagon so you can easily replenish when you are low on food.

Travelling to resource points

Once you have your units ready and food replenished you should leave for the open world. Make sure to empty your wagon before you do or once outside, just click on your fief and select ‘supply dump’ to transfer all but essential items. In the open world, you will need to view the map; press ‘M’, and you will see that there are a few resource locations. Have a good look around for the resource and make sure you know which one you need for your quests. When you look at the resources you might find some are locked to other houses or some depleted.

Find one that has a good amount of resources. For instance, each trip you can hold 150000 volume of resources so you want a resource location that will yield you a full load. Also keep in mind the colour of the resource. Purple yields more rare resources which can be used for crafting. On the map select the resource you want and select ‘this target’. This will automatically move you towards the resource location. Make sure to view where you are going as you will need to avoid rebels and possibly other players.

In terms of quantity, I usually collect the maximum amount my wagon can carry so the resources can be used the following days. Once you have filled your wagon return to your Fief. You don’t need to enter it if you plan to get more resources; just click on the fief and select ‘fief overview’ where you will see your fief quests.

Collecting your reward

Finish the quest by selecting it and clicking ‘complete’. The rest of the resources just store in your supply dump and away you go again.

Conqueror’s Blade is an Open World MMO which is available to download for free on Steam and from their website https://cb.my.com/en. If you would like to learn more about Conqueror’s blade or want to join our community or our House in game visit our join us section on our website. Join Us

Editor post note: Thank you to Whhitee & Malleus for clarifying what the ‘Other rewards’ is.  


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