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Members Update: 200+ members and upcoming event

Members Update Splash shot

Members Update: 200+ members and upcoming event

Our members update will focus on our servers, current game trends of our community and upcoming events and giveaways.

June until October always seems to be quieter in most parts of the world due to holidays and spending time outdoors taking in the sun. As some members welcome the winter months to come, others will be basking on a sunny beach somewhere. That is the nature of our community. We have a global presence and makes for an enjoyable diverse, social community.

So what have we been up to?


UGF Currently Hosts Minecraft and Empyrion Servers

The staff at UGF have been working on getting our MineCraft Server up and running. This is as a result at the request of our community members. We are also looking for any other games our members would like us to host. Our Minecraft server will be in addition to our current 2 Empyrion Servers. Currently our 2 Empyrion Servers have seen a dip in numbers. However speaking with our counterparts they have also seen a similar drop in numbers. We are therefore looking to possibly replacing one of our servers to a game of our members choosing. If there is a game you would like to see a private server for let us know by dming one of our staff on our discord.


UGF currently has 200+ members

As UGF is fast approaching one of our member milestones of 250 members! The community has already hit 200 and this has been thanks to our loyal members and new members being welcomed into our community. Due to this, we will be running a competition and giveaway once we hit 250 members so watch this space. The giveaways are usually for games we play and competitions for new games. Due to our numbers there are loads of opportunities to win so make sure to join our discord to enter.

Conqueror’s Blade is currently our most popular game in our community however some of members are taking the initiative to look at ways to connect our members with others in our community for other games we play. There is also currently have an active community of gamers in our community for the following games:
Conqueror’s Blade, Destiny 2, World of Warcraft Classic, Division 2, Fallout, Star Citizen, Apex Legend, Rocket League just to name a few.

Upcoming Event

Winter Warmer Meetup – 14th of December – London near Trafalgar Square

Competitions and Giveaways

We are currently working on our calendar of events and for dates and times these will be published in due course. The main event will be our “Winter Warmer“. This event is a meetup in central london around Trafalgar Square and we are looking to do this on the 14th of December. More information will be announced soon. This is a great event to meet up with fellow gamers and get away from the screen.

As part of the Winter Warmer event we will be running a stream and giveaway which we hope you will find exciting. More information on this to follow but make sure to watch it even if you are not joining us for the Winter Warmer in London.

As for Future ambitions…

Star Citizen

With the release of Star Citizen 3.7 we are looking to actively engage in it as always and with some of our members boasting over 30 ships each we have enough to spare to members. If you are keen to get into the game we will be running a few streams with the viewers controlling what we do in game. The idea is that if there is an element the viewer wants to see we will do it. Want us to be pirates? So be it. Find the crash site of the Javelin or go mining in caves….

To join Star Citizen visit our Star Citizen Page here: https://universalgamersfederation.com/home/ucf/

Conqueror’s Blade

In CB we are known as Companions and now boast 2 Houses and looking to expand further. As a casual gaming community we have managed to take control of Fiefs whilst maintaining a healthy community spirit. The importance is maintaining a social environment whilst engaging in the elements of the game we love. If you are interested in joining our Houses – Companions II is looking for new social gamers however note Companions I is currently full.


Empyrion seems to ebb and flow in popularity. As a game it has all the hallmarks of being a great game and seems to be a game gamers tend to drop for a while and come back to. We are currently looking to see if we are able to consolidate one of our servers and introduce a replacement game as mentioned before. However we will not be doing anything to servers until we have discussed this with the community.

With that would like to thank our members for being part of UGF and look forward to seeing as many of you in game.

Website: https://www.universalgamersfederation.com/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/5BUynGc


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