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300 Members Giveaway!

300 Members Giveaway!

UGF surpasses 300 plus members! Yes! we have surpassed another huge milestone and that is not it! We have mountains of news, but where do we start?

Probably the most obvious which is the situation we all find ourselves with. Separated from family and friends social interaction has never been more important. Through our discord server we have been actively engaging with the community through video and voice chats and you can always find someone on throughout the day so come say “Hi” we don’t bite!

In other news our house in conqueror’s blade; Companions on the EU West 1 Server; is forever growing thanks to our leadership team their Grandmaster Belash, Grandmaster Claire, Templar Knights Forhulvede, Naelith and Venomous. We engage in epic Territory Wars across the Conqueror’s Blade landscape.

We also continue to run our game servers for our community and are always at hand to add games the community are interested in as we boast our own private servers with great connectivity.We also have a more somber mention as 2 of our acting Council will be stepping down however will still be active members as Associate Members. Mash and Tempted Saint are a huge part of UGF and will remain as the 2 of the founding fathers of our community. 

With that we will be running a milestone giveaway! In contrast to other giveaways this is different. This one is just to say thank you to all the great UGF members of our community. In simple terms we will be running a giveaway bot that you just need to click to enter. Up for grabs are 3 steam vouchers and 2 game codes. More details on the UGF discord.

Thank you to all our great members! We are Universal. We are Gamers (obviously) and we are a Federation of individuals from all walks of life.

Website: https://www.universalgamersfederation.com/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/5BUynGc


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