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A Social Gaming Community


On the 21st of May 2018 “UGF” was created by 7 friends to create a social gaming community. Subsequently, The Universal Gamers Federation was created.

All gaming communities can be described as different. However, we decided early on that focusing on difference was common place and obvious. This is mainly due to the fact gaming communities being by nature all quite different. This is due to the gaming platforms they may play on, games that they play and type of gamers they attract. Therefore we decided early on that we wanted to create a globally diverse social community of gamers with focus on PC gaming.

Consequently, our organisation name was developed as a result of this in mind. For this reason we are Universal as we have gamers from around the world. We are a Federation because we come together as a collective of gamers with our own independence in the games we choose to play. Similarly we like to think of ourselves as a Federation  derived from the diverse range of games we play as a community.

Diverse community

We also have a commitment to diversity. We have gamers from around the globe and this has been embed into our charter as we aim to provide a friendly environment for gamers.


Since UGF’s inception we have strived to create a friendly fun environment for like minded gamers. We are not a hardcore group of gamers as many of us have long work hours and families so we emphasis real life comes first.

We are focused on social multiplayer gameplay and like to think we quash the idea that Gamers are lonely, introverts sitting in dark rooms playing games all day.

The platforms we use to achieve this are mainstream which includes a nitro-boosted discord server, a secure forum for all our guides and game resources and our organised website.


As social gaming community we also arrange meetups, events, competitions and giveaways regularly. The bigger we grow means the more we can do as a community.

As a Social PC gaming community we have grown thanks to our members who have made Universal Gamers Federation what it is today and ever growing and improving.

Our Team