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Respect for fellow members and non-members alike. You are representing UGF at all times as a member, so rise above the issues that can manifest in games and remember that at the end of the day we are here to play games. This applies even if you are part of a specific group within UGF and join a different game to play with friends. Stay classy and mature.


We strive to have a very relaxed and friendly community with the main objective is to have fun and chill with friends. No pressure if things in game are not going your or our way. It’s a game and part of the challenge is finding opportunities to improve or just enjoy the games for what they are. We are here to have fun and most gamers play to wind down. Why play games in a stressful environment. We want gamers to feel they can log in whenever they want.


We, as an organisation, strive to be as open and honest with regards to the running of UGF and its services. If you have a question about something we are there to answer it to our best capabilities. We have an open approach to questions being raised during meetings or in general. Regular Announcements are made with news updates to keep everyone within the organisation posted of what's new and what's going on.


UGF is committed to providing equality for all, encouraging mutual respect, and promoting the benefits of diversity. No member, staff or visitor will be discriminated against on grounds of their gender, disability, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief. We aim to provide a friendly environment which is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying, so that everyone involved (members, staff and visitors) can operate in a consistently fair and relaxed atmosphere.

UGF Rules

No racism, bigotry, trolling & limit swearing.

No personal attacks (Social Media, Discord, Teamspeak, Ingame, IRL) and ruining games for others including the use of cheats / exploits / unfair advantages used. Note that if you are found to be cheating this is an instant ban.

Real life comes first.

Exclusive to the org. Sponsored games only. Gamers must seek approval if they are part of a different server.

Must have Microphone and must be able to speak english.

Age of 25+ ( Exceptions are made on recommendation from council members) please speak to a member of staff before applying.