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Becoming A Member

  1. Join our discord
  2. Accept our rules by visiting the #ugf-rules channel and react with the tick.
  3. This automatically makes you a member and opens our #game-assignment channel. React to the channels you want to see.

Becoming a Senior /Associate Members

You can become a Senior member by completing the form below. We do have a probation period from the time you fill in and is based on activity and engagement with our community. 

Associate Members is awarded to Senior Members based on their dedication and loyalty to UGF. 

  1. Completed Member Steps
  2. Submit UGF application form.

Member Tiers

  • Discord public rooms
  • Discord members rooms
  • Discord Games rooms
  • Discord Voice Chat
  • Community Voting
  • Giveaways
  • Competitions
  • Beta Game Access

New Member

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Senior Member

  • 3 votes

Associate Member

  • 5 votes

Application Form

If you do not have a gmail account you can still fill in the form using your email address. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click Create account
  2. In create your account click Use my current email address instead
  3. click next and follow the instructions to verify your email address and you should be ready to sign in and fill in the form.